Paythen Demo Payment Plan

This is an example payment page for a payment plan. You can complete payment on this page using these test card details:

4000 0003 6000 0006
Expiry: 04/26
CVC: 111

Test discount code: 10PERCENT (applies 10% off the first weekly payment (excluding the upfront fee))

This example is a weekly payment plan paid over 4 weeks, with a $50 upfront fee. With your own trial account you can choose from a range of customization options, billing intervals, surcharges and more.

PLEASE NOTE: Apple Pay & Google Pay might display below but will not work on this demo link. They do work on live plans though.

If you use an actual working email below, you'll get the email with payment dates and more info, just like your customers would if you use Paythen. If you have any questions - just ask us via the chat icon or email

All amounts are in USD
  • 4 weekly payments starting now

    $100 x 4
  • Setup fee (paid today)

    + $50
  • Total payment plan cost

  • What you pay today


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Your data is processed securely using SSL and AES-256 encryption. We use Paythen to manage and process payments.