Paythen Demo 'Pay Your Way' Plan

This is an example payment page for a 'Pay your way' plan. This plan type lets your customers decide how they want to pay, increasing your sales 🎉 You can incentivize them to pay now with discounts, or you can charge more for a payment plan.

You can complete payment using these test card details:
Card number: 4000 0003 6000 0006
Expiry: 04/26
Cvc: 111

Test discount code: 10PERCENT (applies 10% off the first instalment payment for the payment plan option)

With your own free trial account you can choose from a range of customization options, billing intervals, surcharges, plan types and more. Your customers will also be able to pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay and where applicable, Alipay and iDEAL.

If you use your actual email below, you'll get a preview of the email with payment dates and plan info that your customers would get. If you have any questions - just ask us via the chat icon or email

All amounts are in USD
View your payment dates here. By continuing, you understand this is a legally binding contract between you and Demo Corp and agree to the payment plan terms. We’ll email you a copy for your records too.
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